Taittinger Comtes 2006 has five bottles in a sealed six pack

Opened the case this evening, and found there is a bottle missing. Never happened before, and as it was a UK import, not sure which vendor, so don’t think I have any redress.

Must be the mice … neener

Did you cross-exam the spouse? Mine would be the prime suspect.

One of your government’s tariff measures?

+1 if champagne is missing, the culprit is clear

Haven’t we had a few discussions on this board about how there is a bit more variability than normal with the 2006… this is part of that. Sometimes you get six, but every now and again you only get five in a six-pack.
[wow.gif] pileon

The angel’s share!

How do you think Blake gets so much of this wine [bow.gif] ? He worked a “Buy 5 get one to Blake” deal with Taittinger.

This happened to us, too. We contacted the vendor, also a UK purveyor, and they made us whole.

Hmmmm…I wonder how that happens.

I have 8 six packs. Opened 3 so far and all good. Now I feel like checking the others but I’m probably too lazy.

A little over 40 years ago, an employee at Hallmark was packing 11 greeting cards into a 12 pack. Most stores would open the pack and put out the cards and wouldn’t realize a card was missing. Eventually they caught the guy for stealing after multiple complaints.

This is why I always open packages when they arrive, even if it is just to seal them back up and bury them. You never know. Mistakes happen

Only half way through the year and I had multiple stores send me incorrect bottles including Envoyer.

Also a great excuse to put the labels in their proper direction (facing up).

I’ve opened up multiple cases where there has been missing labels and also heard stories about switching bottles out for cheaper ones - so, for example - Producer X’s Echezeaux is changed out for Producer X’s Borugogne Rouge - that way weight of the case is still accurate so, unless the case is opened you’d never know.

Agreed, and just changed protocols with the warehouse where I store wine. They are going to open every case of Taittinger, and I am having all the cases I bought in London opened before they leave the U.K.

To be honest, I am really pissed at this.

It’s annoying for sure. The merchant in my case is someone I’ve worked with a long time, and I am sure nothing nefarious was meant. He was baffled as well, and the only explanation they could come up with is that a 6 pack had been opened for selling individual bottles, and then the one to be sold individually was confused with the full ones. It’s not a great story, but I can see it happening.

so did someone get a case with 7?

Pretty strange. It’s like in the Netherlands, when you buy a carton of eggs, there are 10 in a full one and 5 in a half one. It’s kind of a reverse Bakers dozen. Obviously, it's a bigger deal when it 06 CdC.

BTW, had another splendid 06` yesterday on the 4th.

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BTW, had another splendid 06` yesterday on the 4th.

So did I. Made it worse.

So did I. Made it worse.
and I had a great one also!