T-Vine Founder Greg Brown has Died

This is very sad news.

Loved his wines. Never met the guy, but respected him greatly. His Grenache was one of the first wines that got me into wine some 10 years ago.

Such a warm and inspiring obituary.
My sympathies to his friends and family.

Met Greg in the late nineties,cool dude and I loved those full throttle zins and cabs from Monte Rosso, IIRC. RIP Greg,you will be greatly missed

Too bad. His wines didn’t seem to get a lot of visibility on the east coast but I liked them a lot. He was still a young guy too. Sad. RIP.

Sad news. When i was looking to branch out into what for me were more esoteric wines, his cabs were recommended to me. These were my gateway wines into what has become a great hobby.

Interestingly enough, I bought my first bottle from that Upper (Lower?) Falls wine shop in Newton, MA!

We have both upper and lower…I live here and have to remind myself which is which!

I lived there from 1977-1997, first in Newton Centre and then the Waban section. The wine shop I am talking about was (is?) over kind of near the hospital, on the way to Wellesley. Upper or lower?

That’s Lower Falls- - the reason it confuses me is if you use the river as the guide (hence “the falls”), Lower Falls is up river from Upper Falls!!! It gets me everytime

Wow, such sad news. My wife’s favorite wine maker and such a great guy.

RIP Greg

I felt like, as one of Greg’s dear friends I should comment on your posts. Greg was my friend and mentor for the last 10 years. I worked for him at T-Vine and he encouraged me to make my own wine. Greg was a passionate man. He loved wine and everything that went along with making it. In the years I worked with Greg he inspired so many people through his wine and his life experiences, which he often wrote about on the backs of his bottles. He was continually touched by the stories he heard from folks who discovered his wine, enjoyed it and felt a connection with him because of it. What a beautiful exchange. Greg walked away from the wine industry over 3 years ago, but I still hear stories about the impact that he and his wine had on people. If you met Greg or drank his wine, know that he was ever appreciative of that connection. Thanks for remembering him here. His passing has left a void in my heart that will never be filled, but I am forever grateful for all that he was.

This is sad to hear. I always loved T-Vine wines and remember the great quotes on the back labels. The wines are always full-throttle and great value. Not well know or widely reviewed, but I think that was the intention - a great find for anyone interested in his style style of wine making.

I proposed to my wife over a bottle of T-Vines and have always been a big fan of these wines. Sad news indeed.

Three weeks ago, I had a chance to go to the T Vine open house at Regusci. It was a fun event with great food, games and very generous pours. The new management is solid and are putting out some great stuff (Chuck, Jim Regusci and James Harder).

If you have a chance, go show your support.They usually pour on the weekends (not sure about weekdays) in the back of Regusci and their new Calistoga digs should be open sometime next year (summer’ish?).

They have a second label called the Dirty Pure Project with grapes they source from Santa Barbara: The G-Spot (grenache blanc) and the F-Bomb (grenache noir); really good juice at or around $30.

Disclaimer: no connection other than a fan of this label.

T-Vine was one of my early favorites as well, particularly the Grenache and the Monte Rosso cab. I haven’t seen or drunk it as much in recent years, but I should look around.