T/N: '90 Cristal, '00 Ramonet Montrachet, '99 DRC RSV, '01 Vogue - Updated

Way, way too many good bottles recently without even writing a note, so needed to get my act together and post something…

Dinner and a chance to finally catch up with two friends who have recently had a baby, so we needed to celebrate with a few good drinks!

1990 Cristal:
Still very young looking, bottle 4 of a six pack from release, this is a great Champagne, and still my favorite from 1990. Complex and interesting, finishes just slightly sweet with a touch of spicy toffee richness, quite creamy and yet with some fine citric acidity. All in all, finely balanced. Very, very good.

2000 Ramonet Montrachet:
Still quite youthful, bright light golden yellow, white flowers, a hint of green citrus with a touch of honey, and just a hint of that Ramonet spiced mint on the finish. Very long, powerful and wide, with layers of flavor that slide over the tongue. A great Montrachet indeed. Drinking very well now, and a joy to drink!

2001 De Vogue Musigny:
Decanted about an hour at the restaurant, this showed much better than the bottle we had a few weeks ago at the Musigny dinner, although still perhaps a touch more forward in colour than expected again. Big, dark and quite deep like most recent De Vogues….a bit angular and closed initially, then opened up more over time. Quite rich still for an ’01 with fairly ripe dark fruits, but less so than the rather opulent ’02. More dark fruits, some earthy spice with a deep structured finish, yet still well balanced, in a weightless sort of way. In that place somewhere between primary and secondary development now, but should still live a long time yet. Very good.

1999 DRC RSV:
Decanted for 4 hours, thought me might need an after dinner pick me up….Dark black! Spice, black fruits/blackberries with a slightly floral lift, lovely perfumed finish, with more spice. So richly complex, layered and long, this was great to drink all by it’s self, and didn’t really need anything else. Closed? Maybe a bit at first, but the decant helped no doubt, still drinking very well. Fabulous, with a Very big future yet…’99 DRC’s are great indeed.

Thanks…for the TNs - Paul.

I will hang onto my last b of 99 DRC RSV ( at least a few more years ).

Roughing it again I see.
Well done Paul.
Best Regards

Nice line up as always. Cheers Mike

You know it was a great night when the 01 Vogue Musigny got the lowest rating. [cheers.gif]

I had the 99 DRC RSV in Sep, 2007.

Big scale wine with dark fruit. Very sweet jammy nose, very mineral, sea salt, mushroom and wet autumn forest floor. As Mr. Parker like to say Tour de Force. It is not a shy, decadent style of Vosne Romanee. VR spice is there but due to the scale, it only shows a glimpse as the end note.

IMO base on my experience, all great wines, both red and white, sweet and dry, make your mouth watering and thirst quenching, perhaps due to the balance, texture and etc. My fiancée is new to wine, although she has a great palate and drank a fair number of great ones, said it is very clean and mouthful. Despite very young and tight, it shows the great structure, monumental concentration and intensity, definitely a vin de garde.

I need to find a bottle.

Thanks for the notes, Paul. I gotta pull me some '01 Moose.

Nice work Paul.
The 90 Cristal was sensational a decade ago but alas have not tried it since.
Appreciate the data point on the Moose and RSV - trying desperately to keep my mitts off my lone soldiers.

Hi Kent,

Had a great magnum of '85 Cristal, and a very good '83, both looked very fresh and young, but I reckon the '90 is in a nice place now…think I’ll drink the remaining ones sooner rather than later.

I’d hold if these were last bottles, certainly on the '99 more than the '01. If I don’t come across the '01 again, I’ll pop one in another 4-5 years. The remaining '99 DRC’s will sleep until I can’t wait any longer!!

Wow Paul. either you’re starting to slum it or I’m coming up in this world. I actually have some of these !!!

Couple of quick wines from last night, thought I’d tack them on here…

We got some fresh Morels and a Summer Truffle, stuffed the sliced truffle under the skin of a Barossa chicken, with a morel sauce and some morels cooked similar to here:


(they worked a treat, just lovely)…

2007 Roulot “Les Tessons - Clos de Mon Plaisir”:
Very young and vibrant, white fruits and citrus, with a slightly richer finish than I expected…Good precise flavors and some cut, and really drinking quite well now, which I thought was a bit surprising, as I expected this to be perhaps be a bit tighter. Very nice though, and great with the richness of the dish.

2000 Mommessin Clos de Tart:
Quite big and ripe, yet also fairly soft and fleshy. Dark black fruits, with a touch of structural grip on the back end that suggests some further aging potential, with an attractive dark fruit nose showing just a hint of spice and earth. Really a lovely drink, and another good showing from an '00. Very good.

Great notes. The 01 Vogue Musigny sounds a lot like my note on the 01 Vogue Chambolle 1er Cru, which according to BH and the label on the back is young vines within their parcel in Musigny.

I love the 01 Vogue Musigny. Went a bit long (for me) based on a few tastings 2-3 years ago, thankfully it was much less expensive then…