Syrah Wine Napa Valley California

John Lockwood worked at Failla for a while before he started Enfield. He learned well.

I have a bottle of the Enfield 2013(?) Haynes Vineyard Syrah. Would you say it’s good to drink now or later?

BTW, I have seen identical tasting notes posted on Wine Berserkers as on the WineLoversPage. Does this mean that the individual who does so is a shill? If so, I think it is safe to say that we have a few “spammers” here… :wink:

Yes. :wink:

Seriously, if you open soon please decant. The wine was so much more interesting once it got some air.


Sorry, got ahead of myself and didn’t read the post closely enough, thought this was asking for CA syrah. A couple nice syrahs from Napa I’ve had were from Spring Mtn. Vineyard and Smith Wooton and can 2nd Apsara. Will also have to look into Enfield.

Apsara was part of Falltacular a few years ago, they sent their syrahs. I remember the wines, but having tasted them just the one time, I can’t recall them.

Actually the OP is a spam post from a guy who promotes Keenan and about once a month hits all the wine forums with a random Keenan sound bite. But Frankie asked about Napa Syrahs so it’s all good.

Rat, is Enfield someone who might want to put some wine into Falltacular? There is still time, as I am now building the tasting/pour list and they would do well with this crowd, based on Buek’s notes. If someone who knows them wants to make the introduction for me, I will share with them the FAQ, or they can see all the photos and the FAQ on Facebook where we have the Falltac page.

I sent John (Enfield) an email pointing him to this thread.

Buek, I added you to the Falltac Facebook page. You can then share anything from it that you may like with John.

Frank, just sent you a PM with my email. I’ll check out the page.