Suzor Wine Dinner Sat Apr 15th NYC

Alright folks! Last year’s Oregon vs. Burgundy event with Marcus and Megan was such a blast that we are doing it again!! This time with Greg and Mélissa from Suzor Wines.

Scheduled for Sat April 15th. Location TBD, but posting it to give folks enough time to plan ahead for it.

Attendance list:
Seat 1: Rodrigo B
Seat 2: Rodrigo B +1
Seat 3: @Greg_McClellan
Seat 4: Melissa Rondeau
Seat 5: @Alex_Valdes
Seat 6: @AlbertK
Seat 7: @Juliec
Seat 8: J0hnEhrl1ng
Seat 9: EricZ
Seat 10:
Seat 11:
Seat 12:

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count me in!

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Hi Rodrigo - I would be interested in attending! Rare to see a weekend NYC event so I can likely make this work!

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I’d like to join you. Tom

I’m interested, too.