Sunday lunch in Meursault

JCB winemaker Gregory Patriat, his wife Vanessa and two children came around to our digs in Meursault this afternoon for a fabulous extended lunch. We kicked off with a cheeky 07 Roulot, punched in a selection of his Jean-Claude Boisset 2010 whites, had entrée, tasted a selection of 2010 JCB reds and moved onto main course, cheese from Alain Hess and a fabulous gateau from Bouché in Beaune called Concorde.

As an unashamed plug for fellow board member Anthony Hall, where we are staying is the best base in the Côte d’Or. His renovated house in Meursault is superb (check out for further details). We used the wood oven today to roast Côte du boeuf over hot coals, magic with the two older Pommard.

2007 Domaine Roulot Meursault ‘Poruzots’ 1er Cru : A wine that is so tight and restrained that those who hear about Roulot and are late to the party may wonder what they’ve paid for. The purist will know exactly what it is, It‘s less of everything but what’s there is in proportion. There’s some florals, plenty of citrus and loads of mineral. It had fabulous richness with tension. It builds around a mineral spine and has fabulous persistence.

1978 Comte Armand Pommard ‘Clos des Epeneaux’ 1er Cru: ‘Audouzed’ for 7 hours and singing in full voice when we attacked it. Smoked meats, mushrooms, moss, truffles and something sweet and vinous greets the nose. Full, sweet and rich in the mouth but with plenty of savoury chewy things going on. It finishes savoury, earthy and with fabulous length.

1976 Jules Guillemard Pommard-Épenots 1er Cru : ‘Audouzed’ for 7 hours and 5 minutes and still had some scorched earth and dried fig things going on when we got to it. It was not oxidised but had all of the aromas and flavours that plenty of sun produce. It had a sweet ‘vinosity’ about it in the mouth and the finish carried on for a reasonable amount of time. More than a curio, a very tasty beverage.


Disclaimer: We import the JCB wines into Australia

Thanks for the endorsement Jeremy. For other beserkers here is the oven with it’s discrete Kangaroo fresco. The artisan that built the oven thought he would make a special surprise for us and the kangaroo image was a very big surprise ! Kitch though it is we decided to leave it there as the sentiment was pure.

Nice one Jeremy…

Dipped into Anthony’s underground cellar stash yet??? neener

I tried but my key doesn’t fit in the gate to his cellar!

The party continued tonight back home in Oz with a 2004 Roulot Les Tillets. Perfect Meursault with that lovely restrained solids/sulphur scent some of us love.

Glad the 04 showed well Anthony. The wines are held in high esteem here and the Perrieres is near impossible to find on a list now, it’s easier to spot Coche Perrieres.

Yeah, I am also a big fan of the '04 Perrieres…

Bought every bottle of Roulot and Coche the local merchant had in '04 bar one, got very lucky as no one else seemed to want them then…

You boys must have a pretty tight monopoly on these things in Oz. In Oz last year, I saw a huge amount of top Burgs in people’s cellars, but when eating out we mostly stuck to the ‘zero sulphur, ultra-funky’ crowd. To be fair, there was a lot of fun to be had doing that. In particular, we loved Cork Wines in Adelaide.

It just ain’t Roulot though…

Love Alain Hess and Bouche. Two great places along with the Saturday market to procure a nice picnic! Nice Jeremy.

It’s our Last night Chez Hall in Meursault and we have a fridge full of exotic leftovers. Cousin Lucy decided to make pizzas. Let me tell you about a great match… Roquefort, foies gras, left over roast kippfler potatotes and caramelised onion pizza with a 59 Beaujolais.

I’m quite sure our 1959 Paul Cortillon et Fils Fleurie has been fortified, it is just so fresh with a bit of spirity lift to the aroma. It has all sorts of teak, sweet leather and truffle aromas and flavours and is full, sweet and vinous. It is an absolutely spanky match with aforemetntioned ‘leftovers pizza’.