Sunday Dinner with jeff Pfohl and Veronica Castro

Last evening after touring Santa Fe in the afternoon, Jeff and Veronica came over for dinner. We ate inside because the chair pads at the patio table were still damp from the afternoon rains. We started with a crab-stuffed avocado salad and a 2002 Domaine de Montille Puligny-Montrachet ‘Le Cailleret’ - light, yellow-gold in color; initially austere nose and flavors opening with time and food to spicy, flowery pears and quince; a rich, fruity mid-palate with good acidity; and a long white fruit finish. It was very nice with the salad - Mr. G’s greens (lettuce, escarole, and radicchio) dressed with a Tahitian Lime Olive Oil - Yuzu Rice vinegar dressing seasoned with SI Spicy Seafood Seasoning, Key Lime Pepper, onion powder, celery seed, granulated garlic, a little SI Fines Herbes, and Kosher Salt. The crab was seasoned with SI Spicy Seafood Seasoning, Key Lime Pepper, and SI Fines Herbes in a couple Tablespoons of mayonnaise, We each had a half of a perfectly ripe, richly flavored, & soft smooth-textured avocado, atop the dressed greens, and the center filled with the crab mixture. A nice start on a partly cloudy evening after the light rains in the afternoon.

Then we had braised Churro lamb shanks - browned in Meyer lemon olive oil and garlic, then braised in a rich lamb stock with slices of a sweet onion, eight cloves of garlic, and rosemary. After about an hour I added chopped fire-roasted tomatoes with garlic (Churro lamb can use a of of garlic). After another hour i added a tsp of hot smoked Spanish paprika and two tsp of Agridulce (bittersweet) smoked Spanish paprika. With an hour to go in the braising, I added baby Yukon Gold and Red Bliss potatoes. Total braising time was 4 to 4 1/2 hours. The shanks and potatoes were removed and placed in a warming oven, while I reduced the braising liquid to two to three cups, strained the broth, and thickened it with a couple Tbs of arrowroot in a little Verdelho. The lamb and potatoes were plated with steamed rainbow chard; the sauce was poured over the shank and potatoes. All was quite tasty with two different syrahs, 2001 Chave Hermitage and 2003 Lagier-Meredith Mt. Veeder Syrah. Both were remarkably approachable for their youthfulness. Both were rich chocolate and spicy dark berry fruit, the Chave had a bit more acidity and was a touch more elegant. Both had long, rich fruity finishes and were delightful with the rich lamb shanks and tasty potatoes.

Then for dessert, out in the living room around the coffee table, we had fresh blackberries and red raspberries, lightly macerated in vanilla sugar, and topped with lightly whipped cream sweetened with vanilla sugar. The dessert was enjoyed with a 375ml of 2003 Marchesi di Gresy Moscato d’Asti ‘La Serra’ - light mousse, pleasant fruit with a good mouth feel. It was very nice with the berries.


Thank you and Carollee for the tremendous dinner and your hospitality!

The Puligny Montrachet with the crab-stuffed avocado-- [worship.gif] OMG, a total mind-blower! as was the Chave and the lamb shank. It exceeded the reputation of the legendary Krueger dinners. Please let me know the next time you are in SoCal. Cheers!

Dick, you and Carollee are great. Another fabulous dinner. Thank you. [thankyou.gif]