Summit Code

For those interested, I dropped the price on Summit below the $29.99 for those here. The code is SUMMIT, and it’s good for $24.00 per bottle PLUS free shipping.


I have no financial interest in this post, but I think this is a STUPID price on this wine. For CA Cab/Meritage fans, this is a no brainer.

i am scared to ask but is there 01 Pavie left? i can amortize those costs down with some of these ridiculously priced bottles!

Thanks for the awesome deal…just placed my 1st order @

Thanks, Ian - I’m in for a couple (free shipping usually gets me).

Oh, and get your Kleenex ready for Sunday, when your Bengals get smacked down at Lambeau…

I don’t know, our defense (despite the fluke play) looks great this year. Possibly even better than da’ Bears. [training.gif]
Time will tell though.

I’m in for a couple - thanks, Ian.



I’m anxious to see what the Packers’ 3-4 blitz machine is going to do to ‘please don’t hurt me’ Carson Palmer…


Got 4 myself, it’s the free shipping that put it over the top for me.

Our offensive line blows at this point.

Don’t sleep on our defense this year, so far it’s better than our offense :wink:

And Flannery rib cap is far better than McDonalds…you were saying?

Great deal. Just placed my order.
Thanks Ian.

Thanks Ian. Picked up a 3 pack.


Dan, don’t forget…

This offer posted exclusively on WineBerserkers

I have been trying to cut back, but this looked too good to pass up between the price and free shipping. So I bit. My first Berserker deal.

Thanks much, Ian. I’m in for a case.

Thanks for the heads up, Ian. I went for three. Can’t beat $72.

Thanks Ian. I am really looking forward to trying this, esp. at this awesome price.

No worries, enjoy!

Couldn’t resist this - love Audelssa (wish I could afford the reserve wines though)