Sulphur or Petrol?

How do you tell the difference between the two? Based on the TN’s I read, it seems some people use the two interchangeably (or mistake one for the other); you had, imo, an enlightened answer to the “how do you describe minerality?” question, and I’m wondering if you can work your magic on this one, too.

… or is this question like asking how do you tell the difference between apples and oranges?

The SO2 aroma is that of a lit matchstick. The H2S aroma is that of a rotten egg or a stinky cheese.

The so-called “petrol” aroma is neither of these. It’s explained in my Germany catalogue. Well actually, I stole the explanation from Tom Stevenson. It has to do with a development of lutein, but I’m an ignorant oaf about such things and have no idea what “lutein” might be, or whether I have any of it in my office, kitchen or other rooms.

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