Suggestions for Thinning Collection?

The time has unfortunately come for me to look to thin out some of my collection, as we’re not drinking as much as we used to and frankly have run out of space.

Having never resold wine before, are there any recommendations for brokers who would be looking to buy collections?

I know they will be looking for a list in order to appraise but curious if anyone has recommendations/experience with companies who buy collections?



Yes. Benchmark makes it so easy

depends on what the collection is.

Benchmark’s appraisal amount is very low in my opinion. I think auction houses may be better in terms of maximizing your profit potential if you don’t mind waiting to get your $.

Winebid and K&L have very smooth auction operations, and you will get current market value for your collection. K&L tends to be a bit choosier though, depending on what you have for sale. As long as you have some things that the market is interested in, Winebid will likely take whatever you have.


Charlie is right, different auction sites are more suitable to different kinds of collections. Someone looking to sell wood cases of grand crus and first growths would probably choose a different site than someone to offload assorted $30-100 type bottles.

Can you describe roughly what you’re looking to sell? Number of bottles, types of wine, general value range, etc. Also where you live would probably be relevant.

I’ve used Spectrum Wine auctions, here in Orange County, just to send a couple cases at a time of assorted $30-120 type wines, and the process has been good. It’s probably similar to Winebid.

The good news for you (depending to a degree on what you are looking to sell) is that the overall auction market is very strong right now.

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I started on this today by cherry picking through the cellar, price-checking on the Internet, and making a list of bottles that should do well, regardless of where I sell it. I already had an idea of which ones would end up on the list, but I was pleasantly surprised by a few that had crept up due to brand-affiliation.

Starting this way makes sense for me as I’ll likely have to choose between wine and big-ticket expenses down the line and lets me keep other wines I’m happy to drink later.

From what I’ve seen, Burgundy does well everywhere in general and Northern Rhone, particularly, at K&L. I would also take advantage of free intake shipping and local drop-off.

Agree with you on Northern Rhone and K&L. Allemands on K&L sometimes goes through the roof whereas they aren’t that popular on Winebid. What gives? [scratch.gif]

Silicon Valley :nerd_face::money_mouth_face:


Kermit Lynch developed the market for Northern Rhones in the Bay Area back in the 80s. The selection, demand and appreciation always seemed higher for them there than in other parts of the country.

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But then again, it’s not like people on the West Coast don’t use Winebid or other auction sites? Given K&L’s limited shipping practice, I would expect their bidding activities to be lower than other auction houses, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

What I think… it’s a few loyal, well-heeled local collectors, who prefer personal service and some sort of recourse in the event of a dodgy bottle.

That and tech money because of the Redwood City location :grin:

I’m curious if anyone here has ever sold to a restaurant with deep pockets. Considering the inflated margin many if not most restaurants charge for wine sales, it would seem that they would be in a position to pay more for desirable collections.

Thanks guys, collection is mostly high end California Cabs (Tusk, Scarecrow, Bond, Hundred Acre, TOR, Dana) from 2013 and on. Probably have 30-40 bottles I could trim down on.

I haven’t done up a list yet, but I’m sure they will all want one.

I know of Benchmark and Winebid of course, but K&L is a new one, so thank you for that suggestion.

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You really must not have much space if unloading 3 cases will make a difference.

This! [wink.gif]