Suggestions for NYC

The Palomar’s are coming to NYC this coming week to see some shows and have some fun. On Wed afternoon Nolita and I are seeing Dear Evan Hansen. Juan wants to go to a small museum or see a movie or something. Any suggestions for something for him to see or do for a couple hours Wed afternoon??

We have tickets on Tuesday night to see Come From Away.

Would love to see some of our Berserker friends while we’re there.

It depends where you’ll be. If you’re downtown, the Tenement Museum has several interesting tours.

If you’re uptown, The Frick is my favorite museum in NYC, in part because it’s unique (the collection was assembled by one man and it’s displayed in his house) and it’s far less crowded than MoMA or The Met.

Second the Frick.


Third the Frick.


We will be in the Times Square area.

Nola, I have no idea what kinds of things you like, and I am in mid-town a lot for business and rarely “visit” there, but we did a history walking tour downtown that was terrific (NYU history prof). The Tenement Museum and walking tour is fascinating too. The Frick is great fun if the collection interests you (skim through it on line). The Guggenheim is also smallish, has a collection that is more to my tastes and the building is a work of art itself. Plus is is on the park.

Morgan Library (36 & Madison) might fit the bill. But give some more info on what he’d like & travel considerations, there are other options.

Museum of Sex?

Ideally somewhere I can drop him, he will enjoy it and know he won’t be finished until I can get back there to pick him up.
I did look through The Frick, I think he would enjoy it a lot!

MOMA is pretty close to Times Square, with lots to see. Not small, tho.

Loved this museum. Check for permanent and current exhibitions. … … Make sure he has a nice cafe to hang out in inside the museum if he wants to rest his heels.

Also …check the weather as there is a storm system coming across mid week. Be prepared with the right clothing.

sorry to miss you in NYC, Nola. I am away for this next week.

Drats [cry.gif] [cry.gif] [cry.gif] Next time for sure!!!

Walk the Highline.
Wander through Chinatown, Soho, and Nolita.

Yes! Walk the Highline down to the Whitney. Grant Wood exhibition currently on display.

Hi Nola - would you like help with arranging a dinner while you’re here? If so, for what night? We have a number of good Cantonese options that allow corkage and aren’t too pricey.

If time permits, and weather is poor, both the public library at 42st and Grand Central Station are architectural gems worth going in. The main reading room in the library and the main hall in Grand Central especially. Plus the Great Northern food hall in grand central (upstairs) is great. Two places for lunch in GC are Agern (awesome!!) and Grand Central Oyster Bar for oysters.