Suggestions for Napa

I’m taking the wife to Napa in April or May for a quick three night getaway sans children. Can anyone recommend a nice place to stay down near the napa riverfront stuff that isn’t absurdly expensive (i.e., less than $300 a night would be nice)?

Also, I’d love a few suggestions for some of the restaurants in Napa (again, riverfront, not the whole Valley) that you’ve really loved.

Thanks a ton!

Napa River Inn…comes with complimentary breakfast at Sweetie Pies, which is IMHO, the best breakfast there is.

If interested, I have a code for discounted rates.

The River Terrace Inn is a good spot and includes parking and a good breakfast, as well. My wife and I stayed there when we did an anniversary trip a few years ago. Not posh, but certainly nice.

Not sure how close you require, but 1801 First St Inn is walkable to there and, I think, would eek in under your limit. Really great place!

Avia is short walk. Stayed there in July and loved it.

I second the Avia (now called the Andaz Napa). Right in the heart of Downtown Napa. Nice, modern rooms. Good service.

Here’s a list from the website of one of the members here that has links to all the hotels, B&B’s:

Randy, we’ll be coming by to see you and your wonderful wife, and to sample some of your wares. Thank you all for the recommendations!

Just got the following e-mail from Napa River Inn, coincidentally:

"Just when you thought downtown Napa couldn’t get any more delicious, we’ve cooked up a special night on the town for visiting foodies. Stay at the Napa River Inn and receive a $100 dining credit at your choice of two of the hottest new restaurants. Enjoy local sustainable fish from Fish Story, the newest venture from Lark Creek Restaurant Group, or try the Morimoto which offers Japanese-inspired cuisine from celebrity Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Keep up with the dish on all the hottest new restaurants, and take advantage of this decadent deal."

No affiliation, just a happy repeat customer.

Stayed at the Westin last year. Nice. Fine. Would stay there again, but we were just looking for a decent place to sleep as we were out and about during the day and out dining at night. I don’t remember what we paid, but I’m pretty sure it was sub-$300. Maybe even sub-$200. It was over Labor Day FWIW.