Suckling's new web site and video - teaser

Mr. Suckling is offering a teaser video for his new site:" onclick=";return false;

Come on Todd - Let’s get moving on the :

I am here with all the Wine Berserkers!!!

He threatened to come by here yesterday and film but our bar isn’t open for lunch.

ok…who’s gonna be the first person to make a parody of that video???

The staff at Wine Spectator?

This gives me something to think about while doing punchdowns…

“I’m Here!” [rofl.gif]

Very humble video.

If anyone could pull of this Parody, it’s you! hahaha

I mean…whoa…that was hilarious

I thought this was the parody?

Certainly came across as one…

I for one hope he’s DEADLY serious. So much unintentional comedy awaits us!

I’m here with Fred Franzia who says no wine is worth more than $10…

Yikes! that was tedious. Parody or not.

Oh my goodness! It could not be funnier if he tried!

I liked the surprise ending. I was thinking that he would pull his HUGE head out of his ass and it would explode! If Parker is under siege these days, what on earth would make Suckling think that he could develop a following with a laughable piece like that?

That was pure genius!

Now we’ll have bashing threads for THREE critics!


That promo is definitely a bit gassy…love that he used the coda from “A Day in the Life” to build up the end of the video - nothing like a little subtlety!

This video was FKN Awesome!!! I seriously think it is great, makes the point without excessive nausea, and ends with me wanting to watch more. Mission Accomplished. I cannot wait to see all of the new videos and content.

Ok…trying to find the best wines in the world…before anybody else…then naming only estates that anybody in the wine business knows is not finding anything new…

Oh, and I’m here.

The accents are killing me. I get that James either is or wants to be pretend be linguistically dexterous. But seriously: If he visits a winery on the North Fork, are we going to hear, “How YOU doing!? I’m heea on Lawn Guyland wit winemaker Joey Buttafuoco . . .” And if he heads down to McLaren Vale are we going to get, “G’day mates! I’m hee-ah with vintner Steve Irwin, and crikey it’s a beautiful day . . . .” And if not, then why not?

Pretentiousness, they name is Suckling.

Honestly I didnt think the video was that bad. It wasn’t really good either but I dont see it being bad enough for ridicule. Maybe thats just this board’s knee-jerk reaction to mainstream critics.