Stolpman, Evening Land, Lafon, La Turque

Peter is an enthusiastic young man who I like quite a lot. The l’Avion is one of the best Calif Roussannes
being made these days. SashiMoorman makes the Stolpman wines (as well as the EveningLand’s central coast
wines) as is doing quite a good job w/ them. Too bad they don’t make Nebbiolo anymore.

I believe Isabel Meunier made the wine. Very talented young lady who did particularly well with the 09 fruit, both the Pinots and Chards. The 08s were even better. Lafon is “consulting winemaker”. Oregon Chards are very under-rated and show terrific promise when made well with a Burg bent.


L’Avion rocks!

Philip, what great comments about Oregon chard, and Evening Land in particular. They are producing incredibly good wines here.