Still More Sherry

After being alerted that the NSA had gotten word of our projected third Sherry dinner and sent drones to hover in the dining room of PDH and record anyone caught drinking the stuff we outfoxed them by switching our venue to Ping. And so the four people in the NYC area who like Sherry enough to risk being seen drinking it in public gathered to drink some accompanied by fried silverfish, whole fish, duck tongue with soy, and Peking Duck.

The main impetus was for Ross and David to open the complete range of the Gonzalo Byass Palmas bottlings. A fascinating project where barrels of fino are followed from when young (1 Palmas) to as they age and the flor eventually dies off (4 Palmas). The 3 is from the very few barrels to maintain a thin layer of flor after 10 years, the 4 is a full Amontillado. The 3 is really a Fino Amontillado but that is no longer a legal designation.

Gonzalo Byass Palmas 1 - Saline,pure, long, soaring. Excellent match with the fried silverfish.
Gonzalo Byass Palmas 2 - a bit heavier and sharper, nice but I’m preferring the purity of the 1. This really picked up with some duck tongue.
Gonzalo Byass Palmas 3 - A warm comforting blanket. Enchanting
Gonzalo Byass Palmas 4 - Powerful but ethereal. Wonderful

This night Numbers 1 and 4 were my favorites.

2008 Colet-Navazos Reserva Extra Brut

A flor influenced sparkling wine produced in collaboration between Colet and Equipo Navazos (for details see here )

Nice, a bit rain watery, a pleasant sharpness and a touch of sherry-like richness. The flavors are subtle and intriguing. Great match with the fried silverfish. I look forward to trying future vintages as well as the version made from Xarel.lo

Valdespino Oloroso 1842 VOS - Light smooth and lovely. Unfortunately the sweetness somewhat overpowers the latent complexity.

Valdespino Oloroso Majestad - Intense, precise, powerful. A very impressive Sherry, though as with the Cardenal I won’t be buying again at this price point.

Bodegas Tradicion Amontillado
Bodegas Tradicion Oloroso
Opened late, as with the same bottles last week I was past taking notes. The Amontillado didn’t do that much for me but the Oloroso had a precision that I found very attractive.

I had the 2006 of this in a restaurant in London a while ago and found it really inspiring. Rain water is a good reference, I had a strong chicken broth impression in the nose. What’s the Xarel.lo version labelled as? Is it a 100% Xarel.lo?

If I read the web site correctly the Xarel.lo versions do not have the Reserva designation.

By the way this kept developing with air. It was never a WOW wine but it definitely rewarded contemplation.

The idea of a sparkling flor-influenced wine intrigues me! thanks for posting, Jay. :slight_smile:


Too cool! Sparkling wine with a flor dosage from Sherry cask

Nice stuff amigo.

But you couldn’t wait a couple weeks till I was around?

Check the date, this was over 2 years ago.

But when are you in town? I’ve been wanting to schedule another one.