steak knives, what do u use

I am thinking about buying a set of steak knives, I have a hodgepodge collection of a bunch of different ones. The first thought that comes to mind is I am thinking the heavily scalloped knives would be better because they are always cutting down to the level of the plate the steak sits on. I like the heft of the steak knives at The Capital Grille…

For years we used Gerber steak knives. eventually they got quite dull and were difficult to sharpen. We’d been very happy with our Global knives, introduced to us by Robert McGrath. So we got a couple sets of Global steak knives. We’ve been very happy with them.

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Lifetime warranty and the lady that sold them to me comes over once a year to sharpen them.

I bought Cutco and can’t for the life of me get anyone to come over and sharpen them. I have to go through the hassle of packing and shipping them back yearly.

Cutco is great for helping high school kids put something on their resume.

Vector marketing…I remember them recruiting at our high school. My friends did it and they had to buy knives and sell it to friends and family. They were nice but overpriced imo.