St. Regis NYC or Ritz-Carlton C.P., which is your preference?

I may be passing through in August, if so, I’d be interested.

I like the st Regis, we stay there pretty often.

if the st regis reno isn’t fully complete yet, i’d go with rccp

I’m not a fan of the St Regis check-in process. I also slightly prefer the Ritz location, especially with an upgraded room.
St Regis has a better bar though.

I guess it depends where you want to be; the st Regis is steps off 5th. What do you mean about the check in process, having a butler?

I always thought doing the check-in in your room is a bit of a gimmick. The butler is a hit or miss, I had an amazing butler in Doha and Bangkok, and completely useless one in Atlanta.

The location is a personal preference, I used to live a few blocks from the R-C so I just like the westside more, but like you said, depends where you want to be.

Both are fantastic hotels obviously, can’t go wrong with either. Last time I stayed at the Mandarin Oriental, and that was a bit of a let down.

Huh they didn’t do that last time I was there, maybe it’s changed.

if it’s a really big splurge you can always try the aman
same neighborhood (i haven’t stayed)

good friends who used to regularly stay at the st regis before the reno began now greatly prefer the peninsula
again, same neighborhood

Ok. It used to be part of the concept, your butler would take you to your room and you would do the check-in there. I thought it was more annoying than anything else.

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