st helena dining right now

i did a search already. a lot of older posts
i’m in napa for 4 nights in october. it is a last minute thing and i realize i’ll be closed out of a lot of places or forced to eat when i don’t realy want to.
can i get a little help here?
thanks all [cheers.gif]

You can’t beat the wine list at Press and the food is decent although I have not been since the Chef change.

Are you willing to go to Yountville or downtown Napa?

Goose & Gander is nice in St Helena.

A few more suggestions from a local:

Eat in the bar area of Meadowwood

Two Birds/One Stone (izakaya-ish)

Have lunch at Farmstead


yountville yes
downtown napa probably not

btw does this mean meadowood main restaurant bar area or the grill?

also, any word on cindy’s and market?

+1 on Farmstead.

Market is tasty food, and I will be checking out Press and Goose and Gander for a before dinner drink when I visit next in DEC.

lunches are farmstead, solbar
dinners are press and cindys and goose and gander

leaves a couple of openings for gott’s and something in yountville and whatever else we can squeeze in.

Plenty of food/taco trucks I’d choose before Gotts and that line.

I highly recommend the ‘Lucky Pig’ on the lunch menu.
But you’ll need help–serves two generously.

Gotts/Taylor’s just sends me back to a different time of my life.
I’ll have to suffer :wink:

Ciccio in Yountville…they don’t take reservations for anyone so equal ground. Brass wood as also been good and not difficult to get in.

Rutherford Grill for lunch

There is always the old favorite duck burger with foie at Bank Bar in Napa.

Bring whatever Hill Farmstead you still have!!! [basic-smile.gif] PLEASE?

I really like Cindy’s.

Me too, Doc. And I live here.

I am a regular at Solbar and would be happy to join you - I live less than a mile away. I think you can order the Lucky Pig from the lunch, bar, or dinner menu. A delicious bargain.

Before I went to Market or Farmstead, I would check in at Mustards, the old favorite. Get the tamales…the most delicious rendering of green sauce ever. This place is still always packed with local growers and winemakers. Fried green tomatoes recently made me swoon.

thanks merrill
first stop from sfo is always mustards [cheers.gif]