St Halletts "Old Block" Shiraz 1995

Pulling the cork on this and there was a Genie like explosion of raw American Oak aromas. A retro-Australian style I suppose, rich old vine shiraz sucking up the oak barriques in a nineties glory. This is a good wine from a tough vintage, but it’s not in the league of the best of 95 such as Basket Press or Mt Edelstone. These are wines where there’s more than just drinking pleasure mingling with decadence, there is genuine complexity on show, possibly due some restraint with the oak!

Sweet violet fruit throughout that’s inviting on the nose and full and sticky on the palate. The American Oak dominates the frame, just when you think the wine is drying in an oak dominated fashion, the later glasses see the wine reawakened with classy shiraz fruit.

Drink up!