St. Germain Elderflower liqueur

Its great in Prosecco or cheap sparkler but you can also do some different martinis

Stuff is great… one of my fav restaurants has a great mixologist on staff… he uses this a lot… it is a nice alcohol…I just don’t drink hard alcohol very much… add a little to a gin and tonic for a nice cocktail

It’s 20% abv (40 proof) - wouldn’t exactly classify it as ‘hard alcohol’ - more like a Central Coast Syrah. Whaaaaat?? Did I just say that???

anything above 28 proof is hard alcohol…

Wow, so almost everything red from California is ‘hard alcohol’!

Exactly…why do you think I generally avoid the stuff… hopefully my pinot will come in below 14…thinking around 13.5…but time will tell

Elderflower liquer is on every high end bar menu around the bay area.

You are picking for numbers? [swoon.gif] [smileyvault-ban.gif]

But… there is hope:

St. Germain - High quality blue berry juice - splash of seltzer - served over ice! Yummy!

Sounds like Mollydooker’s recipe!

A week or 2 ago we went to our film discussion group – I had bought a few bottles of Champagne from one of those online “sale” places that turned out to be too tart and lemony for me. So I thought, why not take a bottle of the bubbly and a bottle of St Germain. Normally lots of people bring wine and appetizers to these meetings/parties, but that evening my champagne with Elderflowers totally ruled. The host had some domestic bubbly to supplement what I had brought and it was a hit with everyone. Actually I also did a curl of lemon zest into each of the “flute” glasses, which probably helped marginally.

I would never do that to “good” Champagne but this will be a great way to get through some marginal bottles.

The Alpine Margarita:

Equal parts fresh squeezed lime juice, Milagro Reposado, Cointreau and St. Germain. Either shaken and served straight up or pour over ice.

Best margarita I have ever had, even if it is not traditional.