SRPressDemocrat: Carlisle

Nice article in the SantaRosa Press-Democrat on Mike:

Nothing really new, but still interesting.

Tom, thanks for the article, although I wish they could have dived a bit deeper. Of the 2 photos they offer, I really dig the second one.

Looking forward to visiting with Mike and others at the HVS event in May. Historic Vineyard Society 6th Annual Vineyard Tour & Dinner @ Limerick Lane! - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers
One of the stops is at Carlisle vineyard which will be cool to see and hear Mike talk about.

King, when you are there, send me a photo of you and Dana in the vineyard. Email it to me and then I will put it in my wine room. See if Mike and a few other of the cork dorks up there can get in the shot with you.

It looks pretty old & gnarly…the vine, that is.

Yeah…a bit superficial article I thought. But nice publicity to the locals for Mike.