Sripraphai: Endorphin Explosion

I took this psychology class in college.
Why do people eat hot chilis?
The theory was the body produces endorphins to fight the pain of the spice.
The overshoot is the rush

On my way home, I capitalized on living in a superior food city by stopping off for some sweet stuff

Shrimp Pad Thai
Pork Drunken Noodles
Beef salad with onion, cilantro, mint and lime

the crirical fork in the road here was the question from the owner…


and away we go

the pad thai was ok hot
the drunken noodles was real hot, but not unbearable

the beef salad with the “spicy?” uptick had that devilish thai trick. The heat comes around the side of the house. it slithers in. it sets up klieg lights and then when there is way too much down the gullet to resist…Closeup!!!

unbearable pain.tears rolling, nose snorting, brow sweating pain

but now the joy.
I have cracked my own personal best. I have opened the doors. I have hit some good stuff.

overshoot here we are.

Sounds awesome! I looove spicy food!

I LOVE a good food buzz especially from capsaicin.

Yep, great way to describe that dish. I love that place.

Let’s his that place sometime soon, Rob and Michel! I’m game!!!

I haven’t been there in a long time. One of these days…

Rob, I didn’t think Pad Thai was supposed to be spicy. Maybe that is why it was just OK.

If it’s on a weekend, count me in.

Yeah, I would do a weekend. I’m sure Suzanne and Kenny would join in. They go all the time.

Raises hand.

Posted exclusively on WB.

Assuming I’m not travelling, I’d be up for this. The place is amazing, and with a group of 6-8 you can hit lots of different dishes and get a nice cross-section of what’s available.

Rieslings (especially with some RS) and Champagne are essential accompaniements. Reds wither and die on the vine.

I’ve got some Auslesen ready to meet their fate.

Love the place, but won’t do that beef salad ever again. I’m not a fan of assofire.

Count me in, though you really have to do wines with sugar there, though yogurt shakes work best.


If you really want the heat, the salads are the way to go. Minced pork w/ green papaya, mint & chilies is my favorite. They all give you the ass fire. [pwn.gif]

And you can’t go there without getting Me Krob! Even though its not at all spicy.

And crispy watercress salad. The fatty fried stuff helps offset the heat from the salads and other dishes.

The last time I was there though my fish was way overcooked and I was a little disappointed as we NYCers usually comparing it with LOS.