SQN & Korean BBQ

If one doesn’t drink SQN with steak, what is it good with?

I love Korean BBQ, and I think the bold flavors of SQN could actually be an interesting pairing with some of the dishes. Sometimes they will put our sesame leaves as one of the side dishes, they have a black licorice flavor that could go well with SQN in my mind. I also think kimchi might just be fun & interesting with the 2015 SQN or other bold wines. I’ll echo some others that Champagne is almost too obvious, and will likely pair with the majority of the side-dishes. Sundubu Jjigae is a spicy tofu soup that is often part of Korean BBQ; it’s a favorite of mine, and for that I’d suggest having something fun & non-alcoholic like a sparkling white tea. There is one made in VT called Töst Rosé that is special for the low-low cost of $11/bottle. I hope you will post here again after you’d had your experience.

In before someone says pancakes.

Ice cream! Seriously, Mr.K and the other late harvest wines are great with vanilla ice cream.

Kimchi or seafood? :sweat_smile: