SQN EBA Email Arrival

Just landed in my inbox, but need to wait for snail mail to read the letter. I think price is same as last year.

“Sorry honey…I know it’s Valentine’s Day and all…but I spent the money for your present on something else. Don’t you love me just for me…?”

Online ordering, hurrah!

$100/bottle for the white.
$220/bottle for the EBA reds. (6 bottle box set)

Except I blasted through it so quickly that I’m not sure whether the Estate Box is 3+3 or 4+2 (Syrah+Grenache). Does anyone know?

None for you tonight [tease.gif]

I’d get sum from Melinda if I could order these but sad to say it’s postcard time again!

Eric, I don’t think it said. Pretty crappy website.

Hmm, OK. I just assumed I was moving too quickly…

Most people on CT have entered 4+2, so that’s what I am going with for now until the actual letter comes in the mail.

As well White mags are $275 and the Red Mag set is $1250

I think last year was 3-3, so I’m hoping for a repeat as I really love the Grenache.

Does anybody know how they are doing the Rose now? Before you sent an email request to have a form emailed back to you. I havent seen any mention of it since its been online ordering and Im not even sure I remember which mailer it’s available.

Are these offers no longer the paper kind? Didn’t get my anticipated postcard, but no email offer either. I hope they didn’t lose me somehow.

It is still coming by postal service but now they sent an email that you can also go online and order if you don’t have the patience to wait for the letter or if the letter gets lost.

Estate reds and white

Got it. Thanks Paul.

I received the email but not the paper offering. My dog may have eaten it as they indicated in the email was a possibility.

Dear Eric,

The 2009 Estate Box includes 4 Syrah + 2 Grenache.

Thank You,

Stacy Aguiar
Sine Qua Non

I haven’t had these wines before, is there any stylistic difference between the “regular” bottling and the extended barrel age?

Just curious what you think is crappy about it? It lists their history, their wines, vineyards, has a couple pictures of the proprietors, and the online ordering works great.

Mark, it would be great if they had all of the offer/letter text online. And it should not be so cryptic to determine 3+3 versus 4+2.

Regardless, I am soooo happy to not have to fill out a form by hand and put a check in the mail. Elated in fact.

All I wanna know is how many newbies made the list.

Don’t know if this is new, but it now says this on the website when you order.