SQN Dinner in STL - Thursday, May 21

St. Louis would like to welcome SQN’ers from around the country to meet and share with fellow enthusiasts.

Thursday, May 21 (early beginning to Memorial Day Weekend). Meal and location details to follow, but expect cost to be no more than $140 (including tax, tip and corkage) plus an SQN bottle to share.

It will be held at a local restaurant with great wine service. We will shoot for tables of 8 people so as to maximize interaction and ability to taste the wines, and our location will be able to support up to three tables.

We will be looking for people through different means, so this thread may not always be completely up-to-date. I will keep updating this first post as new information becomes available.

Let us know your interest or grab a bottle and plan on it!

Committed Attendees:

Mark Gilje – Dangerous Birds Syrah and THE Line Grenache
Jeff Atkins - This is Not an Exit Syrah plus a dessert wine
Mike Scully - Midnight Oil Syrah and Dark Blossom Grenache
Kevin Lancelotta - Raven Grenache and Monkey
John Cronin - Raven Syrah
Jeff Lehman -
Aaron Sherman -
David Cramer -
Matthew Dulle -

Strong Maybe:
Don Conrad