Speaking of TCA, has anybody tried the "Saran Wrap" or "Half and Half" fix?

I’ve read about pouring in some half and half and then filtering, or swirling with Saran Wrap, but my own sloth and ennui has always provided too much inertia to get 'er done.

I resolve this will be the year I try it.

Has anybody done it?


Search is your friend:


How the hell would you filter out half and half? I’ve tasted a wine before and after the saran wrap thing, and while it did remove almost all of the TCA smell, the missing fruit never came back. We had a sound bottle of the same wine for comparison, and the saran wrapped one would never have gotten back to anywhere near the state of the non-corked wine. I’m sure any other trick would yield similar results. Cork taint changes the wine itself, beyond just imparting that off aroma.

Thanks for that.

Since the half and half question didn’t pop up easily when I looked, I thought I’d give the combo topic a try.

Any direct experience you’ve had?

I will give you a tip. When you finish trying all the tricks, open another bottle.

I guess it’s just a few drops, wait an hour, then decant with, I suppose, something like a coffee paper filter.

I’ve never seen the “Le kit Dream Taste” to try it, either.

Hi Anton,

I have tried it at least twice. One was with a badly infected CdP. I tore off a long piece and rolled/twisted it thin. Then I put it into the bottle and used the long handle of a wooden spoon to stir it in and open it up to try to increase the surface. After 30 or so minutes the TCA was almost gone, and maybe the bit that was still there was my imagination.


the wine, although much better than at first, seemed a bit stunted and lacking. Did the Saran Wrap take away some good with the bad? I’m glad I did it, for it went from undrinkable to pleasant, but it was no complete miracle cure.

Same experiences. Another possibility is that the saran wrap also removed a lot of the flavor profile molecules or renders them less perceptible. Regardless, the wine wasn’t right with TCA/taint and it isn’t right after being stripped with saran wrap. Corked bottle = drain.


Dudes, when it that statement not true?


I wonder if Saran Wrap helps any with wine related ‘bromides?’

What the others said. Done it a few times. The Saran Wrap helps get rid of offensive aromas and flavors but you don’t have a lot left. You have a really bad and insipid wine afterwards. Put it in the fridge for cooking.

I don’t know if it’s because the Saran binds with other molecules that you want or because the taint would have affected those molecules as well, but Saran is not the panacea I hoped it would be.

For some reason, there has been a strong TCA scent around my living room couch the last few days. Should I cover it in Saran Wrap?

Saran wrap works for the aromas but the wine is damaged. Many times the fruit is stripped. That doesn’t come back. I wouldn’t cook with it unless I had nothing else. I keep Bourgogne rouge around for this purpose. :slight_smile:

I’ve never thought about this before, but what effect does heat have on TCA? Does heat break it down?

My wife pushed it on me once and while it did remove the TCA it also left the wine dull with no punch. No thanks.

Heat stable, boiling point 256 degrees C.

You could try it, but it’s likely the couch will never feel as plush and comfy again nor will the colors be as vibrant. I think it’s time for curbside!

Tried it with an '86 Chateau d’Yquem. Definitely knocked down the TCA somewhat, but certainly did not cure it. As with any adsorption-based scheme, it is only going to reduce but not eliminate the offending compound/species…

I’ve had exactly the same experience. My conclusion was that the Saran Wrap adsorbed enough TCA to make the telltale smell itself almost imperceptible, but not enough to eliminate the suppressive effect of even tiny amounts of TCA on the olfactory apparatus.

I’ve tried the saran wrap a few times. I feel like it’s made a really slight difference, but my guess has always been that it’s just psychological. My immediate thought about the half and half was the same as Doug’s: how do you get it out??