in memoriam Javier Marías

I have the luck that I could buy fresh Sobrasada in Berlin. Sobrasada is a spanish soft&cured&spicy pork sausage from Spain. Originally from the Island of Mallorca.

Sobrasada is a bit similar to Nduja from Calabria, but the italian version is clearly more spicy. Here in Berlin, the version is heavy on smoky Pimenton de la Vera which I like. In Spain they use Sobrasada like butter on toasted white breat and in several recipes. At the island of Mallorca Top-chefs are creative and use it as a stuffing for squid for example.


300-400g Spaghetti/Rigatoni/Penne/Paccheri

150-200g ´Sobrasada/Nduja

2-3tbsp capers in salt

500-800g peeled tomatoes (canned)

Pecorino Romano/Parmesan

chilli flakes (optional)

olive oil


  1. Soak the capers carefully in cold water for 30-60min. Use a kitchen scissor to remove the skin of the soft&spicy pork sausage. Use a spoon to remove the soft part.

  2. Heat olive oil in casserole on low to medium heat and cook the sausage pieces for 3-5min

  3. Add peeled tomatoes and let it cook for 30-45min. Also add capers. Meanwhile cook the pasta and remove the pasta 1-2min before it is ready

  4. Add the cooked pasta to the sauce and combine. Let it cook for 1-2-3min

  5. Finally add some olive oil on top and grated Pecorino Romano

Will be on the lookout for this when I visit later this year.
I enjoy nduja with capers and anchovies over spaghetti. Like a puttanesca sauce kicked up with nduja.

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To add anchovies is quite a good idea. Next time…….