Sourcing Prime Rib Roasts for Thanksgiving

As the title says, I’m trying to source prime rib for thanksgiving for 20 guests. My usual go to was Flannery. While their product and service are unparalleled, the number of guests this year and inflation unfortunately make Flannery cost prohibitive. I’ve used Costco USDA prime before and found it to be a solid QPR. I’d ideally like to find a happy medium in between Costco and Flannery—something USDA prime, maybe dry aged, but also around $35-$40/lb. I’m in the greater Los Angeles area, and would be happy to go to an independent butcher as well. Open to any suggestions either online or in person. Thanks!

Check out Morgan Ranch. Another Berserker favourite. They have some rib roasts available. Not dried aged, but American wagyu and a good bit cheaper than Flannery. If you’re looking for a roast of a particular size, I’m sure Carrie would help with that if you reached out

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I’m also in Los Angeles. Last year we ordered prime rib Thanksgiving dinner from Lawry’s; it is delivered warm and takes a short time to heat to serving temp. The meat comes unsliced so as to not exsanguinate. It was great, considering the lack of effort to heat, slice, and serve. We are going to do it again this year.

Give Carrie a call for sure,she will give you your best option.

Check out Creekstone farms. I have not ordered directly from them but Eatly in NYC keeps their products and I generally like the quality.

Absolutely this. $275 for a 10lb wagyu standing rib roast. With 20 people, you’re going to need 2 :wink:

Free shipping, iirc. Ships frozen. Have a picture of several of them on my IG account.

Totally concur with Andrew. Had the Morgan Ranch 10 pound rib roast for my birthday last January. Thawed 3 or 4 nights in fridge and was the best prime rib I ever ate.


Thought I’d update. The roasts were delicious. I highly recommend Morgan Ranch. You just have to plan ahead since the roasts come frozen.

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