Some weekend wines

NV Perrier Jouet
Day two for this bottle, and shows a little sweetness, though nothing overbearing. Under $25 it’s not a terrible buy, but you can do better.

1999 Mondavi Reserve Cabernet
$50 special, so we wanted to see what was doing for a potential re-buy. Pop and pour, initally a little tannic and tight, as to be expected. However, this blossomed into quite a treat, with olives, tar, earth, and mocha/hot chocolate aromas. Seamless palate, with ample acidity. This is fleshy and dense fruitwise, I would think this isn’t near peak yet - and drinks well now with a little bit of air.

2007 Vieux Telegraphe La Crau
Another pretty good deal ($60) so another re-buy (?) scenario. Decanted for about 2 hours, this hit it’s stride about 3 hours in. Loads of ripe raspberry fruit, it’s buffered by an equal dose of iron/minerals/spices. When this was on, what a delicious doozy. Polished and nothing rustic about it, which doesnt seem to be the typical La Crau profile - I’ve read they take years to come around and can be austere/hard. Toward the end of the bottle, everything became a little edgier and disjointed. I’d give this 3 hours of air and dive in, quite a fun ride.

2007 Siduri Sapphire Hill Pinot
Admittedly my palate was taking a beating by this point, but I didnt get the dreaded cola or sweetness I often find in Cali pinots. That in and of itself is a huge plus, would like to try this one earlier in the night. Another great price locally.

2006 Havens Bourriquot
Seemed a little unforgiving right now, but that was after 2 stellar bottles and a solid pinot. No formal note, will check in on it day 2 tonight.

2002 Mondavi Napa Cabernet
From 375ml - its usual good drinking self, not at peak.

I’m surprised Mondavi put their estate Cab in a 375ml bottle…and also that it’s not yet peaking, with that particular vintage and a small format, I’d assume otherwise.

The 02 Napa is just the regular ol’ Napa bottling, not the Oakville, Reserve or To Kalon fwiw.

I dont believe there’s many estate grapes in this sucker, given its humble “Napa” moniker.

Declassified ToKalon fruit makes it into the “regular” bottling from Mondavi.

Peter, which wine did Keira like best? flirtysmile

Olivia Wilde. Bob, you need to get your slender smaller cupped beauties straight. Kinda like mixing up a Burg and a subtle Cali Pinot…[scratch.gif]


Nice notes, Peter. Glad to hear the 99 Reserve is coming along. And the Sapphire Hill is rocking. You’d dig that vineyard, I think.

When the heck did Peter dump Keira (and I hadn’t noticed till you pointed it out, but there is a vague similarity)?

If Landreth ends up 86ing Salma, I may have to start trolling EBob again [wink.gif]

Thanks for the notes. We had a bunch of top notch 99 Cal cabs the other night and the Mondavi was probably the favorite. The wines were served blind but of course with that cheap ass looking bottle, it was easy to pick out. Still it was a very nice wine.


If you’re referring to Mondavi - their older reserve bottles are horrendo. Not sure if it’s the faux-torn label or the sticker on the cork, but I hear you.

Switching back to Keira fwiw!