Sojourn wine delivery (promised for Tuesday) March 9??

Was anyone else in the NY metro area puzzled why their Sojourn wine didn’t get delivered as promised in their e mail?

I just received a call from UPS telling me to expect delivery today, March 10th??? [soap.gif]
Off to work for me.



The cross country truck literally broke down before it could feed into the local NY system, they had to figure out a replacement and therefore an extra day.

Thanks Craig. Look forward to receiving it. Yummy wines!

I managed to get home early today in anticipation of this delivery. Thanks Craig, and thank goodness for Mother Nature delivering 55 degrees.

Mine arrived in NJ today. All the bottles cool and in excellent condition.

I don’t think Mother Nature had much to do with it. rolleyes

Smart wineries like Soujourn ship when it’s cool, dumb ones ship whenever…


The wine was promised for delivery yesterday. Due to the delay, the wine came a day late. Now I don’t know about you, but if the weather here turned cold, I wouldn’t have been happy with my case of wine sitting in a freezing truck an extra 24 hours.

Dan, relax…a little cold wouldn’t hurt it. I’m sure you’ve got stuff in your cellar that’s seen a lot worse.

If Craig arranged for a truck to carry all the NY area Sojourn across country, that’s pretty cool and much better odds than pot luck for each individual client.



Stuff happens, oh well

We’re testing out a new transportation system whereby we ship across the country to NY in a temperature controlled truck, then drop wine into the UPS system in NY. Not only will the wine get to the east coast faster but with less touches and better integrity.

In CA, NV and AZ we’ve gone to overnight shipping for all wine.

And, this is still on the Sojourn nickle …

With the temperature controlled truck, that would be a great system for the NYC folks. How does it pencil out?