So Who Likes to Offline? City-by-city "database" PLEASE PM IF YOUR CITY HAS CHANGED

Please add me to the Chicago list

Raleigh/Wilson/Greenville, NC

Add me to the Denver list as well if not already on there! Thanks!

Hi Mike ~ I may have missed something bc I don’t see my name on the list from the first post of the thread. Did everything get moved somewhere? Thanks for taking this on!

I’ve tried to be good but I did miss this—so sorry, Steven! I have corrected, with much thanks.


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Please add me to the NYC and environs list. Many thanks.

Please start / add me to the Orlando, FL list. Can’t believe I’m the first in Orlando?

Please add me to the Asheville list! We spend half our time there and although a beer culture, would love to find some
More wine-os!

Put me down for Richmond, VA (O)

Hi Mike, we met in ATL at Randy Ks last summer over a glass of MG Feusselottes we both liked.

Happy to host, especially fellow Burg lovers @Steve_McL

If you could add me for Anchorage I’d appreciate it.

Hi Mike - please add me to NYC. Thanks!

Hi, can you please put me down for Chicago? Thank you.

Danny L.