So who here bought the Gonon Vieilles Vignes?

KL had this on auction recently and surprised to see only 1 person bid on it. Thought there would have been more interest in ‘chasing a unicorn’?? Perhaps people getting their fill of Northern Rhone?

What did it sell for?

I was able to get one bottle from my dealer.

Looks like $750. Based on the scarcity factor (what? 1 barrel made?) I thought it would have gone higher.

Insane price.

Make me chuckle that I have popped a few of these over the last two years. Or maybe the real word is choke, not chuckle, lol.

So it’s risen almost to the price of Trollat, even though they aren’t retired. Having never had either Trollat or Gonon VV, do people who have had both think that, given they have Trollat’s vineyards, they are really making the same wine?

Not that similar to me. 05 trollat is one of the greatest st josephs I’ve tasted. 06/07 gonon VV are very good but wasn’t at the level of the trollat.

Vintage matters too i guess. But can’t do a side by side of vintages :frowning:

Is that 'cause 05 was the final Trollat? Because I thought he retired way before then.

05 last vintage then the vines went to Gonon (hence 06 being the first VV)

05 a tremendous vintage, 06 and 07 not so much. Still, both have been fabulous wines the few chances I’ve had with them.

The price differential between Gonon’s VV and his normale wines is more similar with differentials between Bordeaux First Growths and their respective 2nd wines, with the Bordeaux differential being more warranted given the wide disparity in wine performances.

In the case of Gonon and based on the 06/07 VV versus normale that I had, the price differences at 5x-to-6x (?) is far wider than the differential in performances between the cuvees would suggest.

Yeah but what’s the difference at cellar door or at Say George’s shop?

I thought there was a major step up in quality - granted, both already high - but I do concur that not worth a 5-6x multiplier. The auction price of $750 is insane.

If there was only 1 bid, that was probably K&L ‘ghost’ bidding. So unclear that if it actually was sold (for crazy money).

That is quite appraisal. What I have heard on my trips to Northern Rhone is during his last years monsieur Trollat wasn’t really motivated and didn’t make that great wines. According to my sources the quality of his last few vintages were below average. Not saying they were bad or awful, just not his best performance.

Was there a recent release of the VV ?

2010 - chambers offered it (from what i heard). But Kermit hasn’t brought it in yet.


I’ve never had a Trollat but I’ve had all the Gonon VVs and it’s as good as Northern Rhone gets. It reminds me of Verset. That said, if anyone’s paying $750 a bottle, you can have all of mine.

Good to know. How much did Chambers ask ?