So, what is everyone drinking tomorrow night? (No political posts)

Champagne or Tequila. Going to a party next door, and they won’t be serving Hemlock.

P Hickner

Going to play a drinking game. Each time the commentator says “Battleground state” we take a shot. May have to call in sick Wednesday.

Beat me to it! Hopefully the former.

Better make it a quarter shot or you’ll be calling in dead! :wink:

Probably the second hall of the '13 Bucklin Bambino I opened tonight. Just another night when it comes to wine.

This Sparkler.

uh…undecided. [highfive.gif]

Conundrum!!! (Or is that considered political??))

We’ve decided on vintage Champagne. I have a Krug 2002 that I’m donating to the cause.

Either Fernet or Picklebacks depending on what polls are open.

70% probability–a Côte Rôtie
30% probability–a different Côte Rôtie

oh wait! I think there’s only one downstairs–so that decides it!

I shall open a bottle of Elmer T. Lee tomorrow.

Aberlour Scotch

Having sushi for dinner so I guess sake. I’m not an expert so open to suggestions.


Chicken noodle soup from soup plantation?

A 76 Burgess, lower alcohol, that’ll last til the results are in.

Apparently a lot of German wine. Everyone says they’re bringing Allemand.

Certainly not an orange wine, maybe a bottle of Blue Nun.