So what do you think this would go for at auction?

It’s an enormous cask (=200,000 bottles) of Champagne that the Mercier house (owners of the rights to Dom Perignon) hauled from Epernay to Paris with a team of oxen for the 1889 Exposition Universelle, according to the American Association of Wine Economists.
800,000 bottle barrel of Champagne.jpg

Your link says 200,000 bottles.

There would be virtually zero interest by individuals at auction.

but it’s a cool poster.


I’ve been looking for a barrel of that size for my mud room.

bid $100

I’d have to move the bikes and dogs. Tough choice.

Look it’s worth $500. I’ll give you $50 and I’m taking a huge risk here.

Turn the barrel into a luxury dog house!


Uh… that was offered in jest.


With the leftovers as chew toys.