So how many different producers from Tuscany in your cellar?

The recent spate/plethora/outburst of regional threads prompted me to post this one. My speculation here is that the combination of the “consensus” view that Brunello is a horribly overpriced and inconsistent minefield, combined with some folks vision of Chianti in straw-encased bottles, will lead to a number of “zero” responses, but I could be dead wrong about that.

At any rate, 28 producers for me [cheers.gif] .

I’ll bite… zero.

Pobega might end up being right with you, Bud - no room in your cellars for Sangiovese with all that Cali Cab [cheers.gif] .


  1. I am surprised. I would have guessed 10 at most, but I’ve been stocking up on 2010 and some older Brunello recently. I have 12 of those.

PS - I do not think that Brunello is horribly overpriced. Slightly overpriced? Yes. But I think in 5 years I will be very happy with what I have bought.

Bob… the sangiovese in my cellar is from Washington state!! :slight_smile:

One: Felsina.

Not because there aren’t others, but because I tried Rancia and Fontalloro once at an in-store tasting, liked them, and have been subsequently told that they’re cosidered in the top tier of producers. Since I don’t really invest in Sangiovese, the only ones I’ve gone after are Felsina.

One: Soldera.

A few. Flaccianello is one of my favorite wines of any sort, so a fair number of Fontodi bottles and a smattering of others


  1. Mostly 1 or 2 bottles.

35, with half of those being 1-3 bottles each.

34, comprising about 8% of my cellar. Also surprised it is that high. Need to drink more!

7 here:

San Giusto a Rentennano

Easy. 0
My few Italian bottles, are solely Barolos, Barberas and Amarones.


I have one lone bottle of Italian wine, and it’s Piedmontese.
Gotta fix that soon with my 3 week Roman holiday coming fast.

Not enough.


With Felsina, Fontodi and Monsanto leading the pack.

40, 13,2% of my cellar