Smoke Taint-Oregon Pinot

Recently read an article about Oregon Grapes and Smoke Taint. They are selling a growers collaboration called The Oregon Solidarity, with three choices from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and a Rose. I find it fascinating that they are able to determine which grapes were overly tainted and which weren’t. I was unaware that air quality played that much of a role in wine. Has anybody had any of the Oregon Solidarity? Will California be doing something similar?

I believe these wines are in response to Copper Cane pulling out of contracts in Southern Oregon fruit just before harvest in response to a lawsuit brought on the company for illegal labeling, seperate thread has a lot of debate on this topic. The smoke taint was an excuse to get out of the contract. What I understand is that there isn’t smoke taint and a few Itegin wineries stepped in to save the growers from losing a years worth of hard work, bought the grapes and made a wine in support of the growers. I haven’t had the wine to know if there is smoke taint, but smoke can have an effect on the grape if ttbe grapes are exposed to smoke, especially near the end of the growing season (that’s my understanding)