Smart advise...finally!

RP has said several things recently that sound suspiciously like advocating for the consumer. Odd, to say the least.

Now, after telling the consumers, albeit in an obscure thread in an obscure forum, just to ignore the hype, will the chateau owners want him back from vacation?

I thought he got rid of the suicidal chimp avatar. I figured it was hitting too close to home, what with all the flak-inducing drivel he’s been posting. Let’s see, first he over-hypes the vintage, then he casts aspersions on the Bords, then he says there will be another vintage of the century coming soon - most likely news delivered by him. I knew there were a lot of reasons I let my WA subscription wither and die.

I applaud Mr. Parker for saying that. It surprises me a bit, but maybe he will continue along this path.

Is anyone actually still buying Bordeaux on future? hitsfan

After you cause their heart attacks, you mean? neener