Small under the radar high quality Napa area wineries

Curious if anyone knows of high quality wineries in the Napa area (including all the AVAs). Interested in cab based wines.

I tried searching for this already and only came up with the post for Oregon.


Small (very) and Cab = EMH

William & Mary Wine Co

I don’t know if they have a winery to visit, but Pilcrow is smaller and enjoyable for me. More red fruit and acidity than a huge super fruit bomb of black fruit and oak. Kinsman Eades also comes to mind, but their wine is harder to acquire. Cost of land/fruit being what it is in Napa, I don’t know that you’re really going to find a huge “value” play that nobody knows about, but you can definitely find great wines that are just less well known.

Try checking out Rarecat. They also have significant Bordeaux connections. And champagne

Paoletti Vineyards - premium Bordeaux blends and Super Tuscan blends.

In Calistoga on Silverado Trail.

Second the recommendation for Pilcrow.


Both Dehlinger and Scherrer make excellent age worthy reasonably priced cabernets.

Check out the various Beta / Jasud threads.

I kind of feel a Lillian is one of those under the radar Sarah?

I’m not sure what their production is at, case-wise, but Ashes & Diamonds might qualify.

Agree with William & Mary, DiCostanzo, and EMH.

Jean Edward’s has a great line up of Cabernet from various vineyards

Not in Napa, but I guess OP said “Napa area” so maybe they qualify.

Calluna is a board favorite, making restrained-style Napa cabs and meritage blends. I haven’t quite clicked on a bottle of theirs yet (I think they may need more age than the ones I’ve tried), but many folks around here rave about them, and the pricing is quite reasonable.

[Edit: I guess Calluna wines are from Sonoma, not Napa, as well.]

William & Mary
Dakota Shy

Another one to consider is Red Cap (Howell Mtn.)

I’ll second the Detert vote. The history, the land, the wines and the people are all fantastic.

I would add Virage Vineyards to this list. I bought a case after seeing this thread and have been very impressed with the wines I have tasted.

Don’t forget Bougetz!

Nine suns would fit that bill.