Sine Qua Non - New York City - May 4, 2023

SQN Only Dinner. May 4, 2023, at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse on 54th Street between Lexington Ave. and Park Ave. If you want to attend, please post below with the wine(s) you will bring. The date is firm and the location is firm and the SQN only theme is firm. I have already posted this on various Facebook wine threads and there are already at least about 8 people, but we can handle more because if we go over 10, we have the private room in the back that can handle 20-ish at no extra cost. I will verify the maximum and keep a waiting list if we get that many interested people. - Attendance list and wines below the FAQs


(1) - Cost to the restaurant will be about $150 plus or minus. Assuming we are in the private room, we will create a hybrid menu to decrease the burden on the restaurant, but there will be 3 or 4 choices for each course. Crab cakes will be an option in the appetizer course because they go well with SQN whites. Thick cut bacon will be an option in the appetizer course because it is really good. Vegan or vegetarian does not work well at this restaurant but we will try to keep the fish and chicken people happy.
(2) - There are three Bobby Van’s in NYC, so please come to the right one.
(3) - We will start at 6 pm, but only as a meet and greet with non-SQN bubbly (already committed - a PR Churchill and a Salon) so if you can’t make it until a bit later, you won’t miss any of the raison d’être.
(4) - This is SQN only (except for the bubbly that is already committed by two of us). One bottle minimum per person attending, but if you feel compelled to bring more than one bottle, who’s going to complain? We can do NOK, Andremily, Fingers Crossed and others next time.
(5) - Please post your wine below so that we can design flights. I expect a White Flight, a Grenache Flight and a Syrah Flight. Depending on how many bottles are in attendance, we may subdivide the flights into old versus new or estate versus purchased fruit or whatever we decide.

If you want to attend, please confirm your attendance and the wine(s) you intend to bring by posting here. I intend to keep a master combined attendance list here.

Attendees and Wines

Jay Hack and Rebecca Schenk - 2006 Pol Roger Churchill as a starter plus Gallanita (Rose), Les Deux Grenoilles (White), Entre Chien et Loup (White) and Dark Blossom (Grenache).

Adam Granoff - 2015 Syrah Trouver l’Arene

Mike Rowe - 2013 Syrah Male and 2017 Tectumque (white) and 1997 Salon

Brady Weller - 2009 Grenache (which one?)

Joe Czerwinski - 2003 Papa

Peter Lesser - TBD

Mike Savino - TBD

Joel Altobello - TBD

Aaron R - 2011 Syrah Dark Blossom.

Jan Glikman - 2018 Eleven Confessions Grenache.

Kurt Wilhelm - 2009 Syrah The Thrill of…

Joe Laronga - 2011 Patine Grenache.

Drew and Randa Trivissono - TBD

Brad Kane - Just kidding. He would burst into flames in the presence of so much good wine.


2015 Syrah Trouver l’Arene and a bottle of champagne yet to be determined

2011 On the Lam. 2018 Zie Harmonika

and the recent release of 2019’s

Thanks for organizing this Jay. I’d love to join.

I’d bring the 2011 Syrah Dark Blossom.

Jay - 13 male Syrah - 17 SQN white - and of a salon


Hi Jay,

Can you add me? Wine TBD - will post Monday-ish.

Kurt Wilhelm

I’m going to bring a 2009 Thrill Of…Syrah

Just checking: This is confirmed for next week?

Yes. All on. Lots of peeps. Lots of wine. I will post a reconciliation over the weekend.


Jay…need to bow out of this, have fun…

Brady Weller - 2009 Grenache (Turn The Whole Thing…Upside Down)

Preferences. Pick 2.


Thanks for organizing such a fantastic event! Lots of amazing wines. Hard to choose a favorite one, but think the Grenache flight was my favorite.

The rose was eye opening - didn’t think it was possible to have a rose that good.


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Some years ago I brought a bottle of the rose to London for a dinner with Neil Martin (wine critic) and after taking a taste he nearly spit it out across the room. Echos my feelings about the wine. Different strokes……