Simply the Best Goodfellow....

The 2017 House Block opened last week with friends was simply the best Goodfellow PN I have had the privilege to drink (I have had more than a few). [wow.gif]

The 2018 Dundee Hills Chard simply the best Goodfellow QPR (are you kidding me declassified fruit) I have experienced!

Also crushed a WR Blanc, 03 Forman Cab & 89 Beychevelle on this wonderful evening.

Great to see the three reds together - one tertiary but not close to dead, one in a perfect holding pattern and showing true cab character if maked a bit by the vintage with a touch of heat (being very picky) in the finish and one while primary just haunting - stop you dead in your tracks and make you contemplate - the youthful playfulness, the aromatics, the grace, the balance (elegance), the layers and the inner mouth perfume in the finish which lasts and lasts!

IF you have a small supply of the 17 House Block - open one now - just let me reload first! [cheers.gif]

Now you’re going to make me go back for more, or maybe I should wait for the 2018s…

I did a side-by-side tasting a couple months ago of the 2017 House Block and Long Acre, fun times [cheers.gif]

Or you’re going to tempt me to open mine now…I’m trying to be a good boy and hold off for a bit :slight_smile:

Bill thanks for taking one for the team on the House Block, I don’t have access to mine so haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

Have a ‘16 Dundee Chard on deck for tonight!

Correction: ‘16 Durant.

Thanks for the heads up on this one. Just picked some up at Vinopolis. I can’t think of a wine growing region in the US that delivers more wine for the $ than Oregon. 2012 Cameron Reserve and 2012 BP Murto were just terrific recently.

I did taste this today. Your note is spot on. What a wonderful wine.