Silas Wines NEW Quarantine Relief and Berserker Deals

For those of you whose New Year’s Resolutions were “Carve out some more ME time”…step forward and accept your prize.

First off, Thank you Todd et al. for putting this forum up. I’ve seen a lot of great offers posted, and figured I’d get in on the second wave with some Silas Wines deals for you all.

The reality for small wineries, when you take away wine tourism and restaurant/limited retail sales, is either grim or bleak, take your pick. I don’t think Silas Wines is in the minority when I say that I am happy to get wine moving at a steeper discount than ever before, just to have cash flow to keep the operation running, and not have to make any quality sacrifices on the current and upcoming vintage.

To that end, here are the Silas Wines Quarantine Extravaganza Details:



  1. For each and every purchase, I am offering FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the lower 48. If you don’t see your state listed at checkout, email me with your order and I can most likely make it happen.

  2. There are a few mixed 6-pak deals on the website,, which are 20% off. These are themed: Red Wine Only, The Most Affordable bottles, or the Mystery Pak. I will not tell you what’s in the Mystery Pak, but it’s fun and a very good deal (including some wine that’s not listed on the site)

  3. Additionally, just for WineBerserkers, use the code “BERSERKERBOX” to take 25% off any case. That’s 25% off ANY 12 bottles or more, in addition to FREE SHIPPING.

    If you’ve taken part in any of Silas Wines’ Berserker Day offers, you’ll know that we typically over vintage in barrel (even whites), and then hold onto the bottles until they are drinking well enough to release (with more years of growth ahead of them, of course!). Our current vintages are 2013-2015, and some of these wines are drinking amazingly well right now. Check them all out at

As we all deal with the poisoned chalice of having more time on our hands, hopefully we can be productive, use the time wisely, and drink good wine. Although month to month now will be more of a struggle for everyone, I am looking forward to having some more time in the winery to tackle some back burner projects (programming a Dissolved Oxygen meter for liquids and evaluating DO vs. reduction in barrel, for one.) Also-growing a lot more vegetables this year, as I’m sure many of you are as well. Silver linings, and all that.

Thanks for any and all support, and if you have any questions, shoot me an email!

Do you ship to NJ?


Hey Matt-

I do indeed! It will come ups, just using a different shipping service than the one integrated into the website. Let me know what you’d like via email and I can get it rolling to you!



A poisoned chalice indeed. The URLs are dead; they take me to a 404/Not Found page.

Thanks Patrick-seems I can never get a link to show any other text than the actual link itself-changed both links and tested them.


But you can click on the wine tab that appears along with the Not Found page