Sigh. Clos des Goisses

Well over $200 a bottle for the 2002, more than double what I paid for prior outstanding vintages. Looks like another wine gets crossed off my list. [soap.gif] deadhorse [cry.gif]

Two wine posts in the asylum in less than two weeks. Is everything OK Neal? newhere

Obviously not!

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finding its price point in the market. This is just a reminder that, when you find a deal (like 96 Clos des Goisses was), take a deep breath, back up the truck and load up. I paid $233/b for 1990 La Tache and could have bought a lot more but didn’t–way back when. How many times have I kicked myself? It goes on and on. I’ve just reconciled myself to the fact that I can’t buy everything, be happy for what I do have, and be on the lookout for the next deal!

I feel your pain. Not quite crossing it of my list totally, but not buying right now either!

I can remember getting one vintage for about $!00 or so. Excellent wine btw. 1996 was my last buy of Clos des Goisses. At the present price, I am out.

Same. $200 a bottle is out of my league, which is really too bad because I am sure I would love the wine. Guess I will have to just look forward to all the 1996 I have.

I remember it well below $100. It was always one of my favs, but it’s shot up too much in price. Alan’s sage advice reminds me that I need to back up the truck with Taittinger Comtes before it shoots up too much as well.


I recall talking to Philipponnat right after the 96 came out and they had just surveyed the market. I think the average price for the 96 was around $120 or so (with plenty of $90-$99 offers too) and they openly thought that the price should be higher especially when compared to other wines that were similar in quality but selling for multiples of $120. They actually told me they wanted to add $10-$15 per vintage for a few years and get up to the upper $100s and hold steady. The economy scuttled the slow increase plan and it looks like they played catch up with the awesome 2002 (though it isn’t as good as the 1996). I wish they would have just gone back to the slow increase plan, but it is what it is. Clos des Goisses production is small and they sell through pretty easily.

As for Comtes, I wouldn’t worry about a similar increase. The Rose has seen it to some degree, but Taittinger feels very strongly that the BdB should be high quality and still reasonably priced (in terms of prestige cuvees). They will continue to play around with the price points of their other wines, but Comtes BdB is safe for the foreseeable future.

Now that’s the true geek, ultimate player 'tude. Understanding how the market ebbs and flows makes a world of difference in buying strategies! And by the way, I wish Giacosa white labels were still in the $30s like they were a couple decades ago, right Ken!!! flirtysmile

Have you tried the Clos de Goisses Rosé 2002 Brad… We have a (very) few bottles on the way.


Yes, finally a CdG Rose that meets the price point and expectations. Granted 99 and 00 weren’t great vintages, but the 02 has it all and is a step above the white. A great 02 and a great wine in general.

By the way, you can still buy the 2002 Bollinger Grande Annee for less than $100 a few places. If you are looking to stock the cellar with an outstanding prestige cuvee while it is still at a sane (more or less) price, that is one to chase.

I still have a few red labels with $40 price stickers on them. And that was pre-discount!