Shun Knives on sale at

Not affiliated in any way, but saw that Shun Knives are on sale at Any experience with these knives? Are they worth the $$?

I don’t like the metal shuns as much as the wood handle ones. I have a Ken Onion Santoku and a Shun Elite Chef’s knife that are super sharp. Love them but when it comes to cutting tough stuff, nothing works better than my $10 chinese cleaver. Chops through bone!

I have the Shun Santoku with the wooden handle and non-scalloped edges, and love it! Use it all the time.

What bothers me about the knives with metal handles is the “slip factor”… could get dangerous if you are using it and your hands are wet or have grease on them.

Compared to the best that Henckels, Sabatier, Kershaw, and Wusthof are cranking out; Shun makes great low-maintanance knives for the casual chef. I have a Shun utility knife that is perfect for cutting high-acid fruit. Of course, if you want to get geeky, there is a world of knives beyond Shun. Watanabe pro and special knives will make you swoon. One day, a pair of Watanabe Sobakiri will hang in my kitchen. For Western knives, Robert Herder 1922 series may look expensive, but will outplay any Eastern knife at the same price.


if your hand has grease, wood will slip too no?


Many people base their entire dating lives on this theory.

Very clever Michel! neener

In cooking school I was told by the Chef to go for knives with wooden handles, because they are more porous. I accepted this advice because I didn’t want to go through the expense or hazard of testing the theory out on my own.

Before you purchase online, go to Williams-Sonoma or someplace where they sell the knives you are shopping for, and hold them in your hands to see if the grip feels right. When I was shopping knives, I first wanted the 10" but found the 8" felt better in my hands.

Good luck!

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