Shun Classic Knives

I found some Shun Classic Knives at TJMaxx for a super price. As they
only had a few, I bought them all. However I have no need for them
all. So I offer them to you at my cost including the 6% KY sales
tax. They are still in the original box. I’ll return the ones that don’t get spoken for.
I’d like to have the checks this week if possible.

Shun 6" Utility Knife $52.99
Shun 6" Utility Knife $52.99
Shun 3.5" Paring knife $42.39
Shun 7" Santoku Knife $84.79
Shun 8" Chef knife $84.79

None of these are hollow ground, with the little indentations.

Shipping to you is extra of course.

Jeff, are these the same knives?" onclick=";return false;

Yes. @ $114.95 their price @ $114.95 their price @ $74.95 their price @ $59.95 their price


I am interested in the 8" Chef. Would you be able to bring it on Friday, so we don’t have to mess around with shipping?

Hi Jeff,

The Santoku looks awesome! Put me down for that bad boy. Can pay you Friday. Might also order honey.


Do you have more than 1 of each? If so, I’d like the Santoku.


I had 2 of the utility but only one of the rest.

I have one utility left, all the others are spoken for.