Shitty Pinot on Bob's BDay

Felt it was appropriate to open a Shitty Pinot for Bob Wood’s birthday today, so:

2011 Westerhold Bennett Valley. So shitty It’s almost gone and I’ll have to open a second one. Black fruits and spice with a long finish.

Happy Birthday Bob. [cheers.gif]

Randy, good call.

Bob: we miss you man.

I also had some ‘shitty OR Pinot’ on Bob’s birthday - TN: 2008 Johan Vineyards Pinot Noir Nils Reserve (USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley) - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

Bottle Number 2:

2007 Sineann Willamette Valley, Schindler Vineyard Pinot. Red fruits, spice and earth. Long finish.

Had a glass of Adelsheim PN the other night. My choice was clearly influenced by Bob.

2007 Belle Pente Pinot Noir Murto - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Dundee Hills (2/20/2014)
Light ruby, earthy nose of brambles. Dry and incredibly clean, tart red berry, on the Pnp a bit thin and austere, light fruit and lightly tart tannins. Expect an improvement with some over night open time, getting better in the glass. I think Bob would like this, I do. (90 pts.)
This got shittier with another night and I damn near finished it. Just a sip left for tonight. 92 pts.

2010 Siduri Hawks View W.V. 13.4, bright fruit, spicy, kind of a piney thing on the finish, with BBQ chicken.

Bob, we need you now more than ever.

I hope you had cargo shorts and crocs on. Cheers Bob Wood!

We’ll be raising a glass to Bob tonight, a glass of shitty OR pinot of course.

Belated, but I hope Bob would understand (it’s been a week).
For “open that bottle night” and my wife’s birthday.
2008 Cristom Pinot Noir Jessie Vineyard

My first exchange with Bob was to ask his opinion of Cristom wines. His response?
“They’re pretty shitty.”
makes me smile.