Shiraz Hunter Extraordinaire! Penfolds 2002 St Henri


What a great wine at a very 2002 price.
I get me mine…

btw, check the reviews on this one. wow
And you guys said I only like oak. :slight_smile:

I admit it - you are surprising me with your syrah/shiraz friendly posts this morning. I thought you were all cab, all the time. :wink: Nice.

I like to keep them guessing. [d_training.gif]
And always surprised.

Did you buy any or is this stuff ‘beneath’ your taste place in the world? [berserker.gif] [berserker.gif]

And they’re…gone.

no comment about this particular bottle but speaking anecdotally has had a high % of obviously flawed bottles in my experience.

Glenn. I have had about 9 orders in the last year. No bad yet.

i have had a bad run with about a 1/3 of orders exhibiting @ least one flawed bottle.

Too bad. Did they make good?