Shipping Your Own Wine during move across country?

I’m moving from Boston to Indiana and need to hire a temp controlled carrier to do it. There are only 7 cases so it isn’t much, but does anyone have any experience with this?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

A. Have you been to where you are moving to in Indiana and can arrange shipment to a temp controlled source?
B. If not, do you have a good working relationship with a wine retailer who can ship your wine for you?

C. Ship everything you need to including family, load the car with the 7 cases and drive them there with air conditioner on.

I vote ‘C’ or hold your wine at a wine locker for two months and ship in the fall. It’s eirth the cost to save your wine from cooking.

RV it with the family!!!

7 Cases is something to just put in a car and drive out there with other items you would not normally entrust to movers. Boston to Indiana sounds like something you could do over a weekend.

I think most shippers will have a minimum, so this will end up being pricey. If you can’t drive it yourself, or FedEx/UPS it (I don’t know Indiana rules), and you’re flying west, I would seriously think about checking it. I suspect that would be cheaper, even with excess baggage charges.

It would be worthwhile knowing Indiana’s rules. Can you bring in wines if they are personal effects? If so, maybe FedEx/UPS would take it. If not, the temp-controlled trucking might be a problem.