Shipping window from east coast to west coast?

Like many of you I have some wine sitting at Chambers Street or other spots on the east coast or midwest (I also have some in Chicago). When is a good time to ask them to ship the wine? Is it still too warm?

Anyone have a good link to a weather site that shows the temperature band across the norther part of the U.S. (ground shipping across the US requires driving through this region).



Here are a couple:

Thanks. Yikes. Looks a little warm in the midwest.

I usually wait until late November early December for all my east coast shipments.

Wow, thanks! I usually check location of departure, location of arrival and Chicago (figuring that’s in the middle). But that obviously doesn’t work with current weather conditions.

I have northern East Coast retailers ship Wed or Thur so the wine keeps moving over the weekend. It will travel on I-80 so I check’s extended forecast highs for the cities along that route to decide the current week is the right time to ship.

I’ve got some wine sitting in Chicago that I was planning to ship the last week of October, also to Seattle. I’m assuming it should be safe to do so by then?

Matt… CHECK. Sure, it might be safe, but given that every weather site provides high temp maps for the country, spend 2 minutes and look.

I usually wait until at least the first week in November.

Rick, if you know somewhere I can check weather along a route in 2 mins or less, 3 weeks away from shipping date, please share as it would be much appreciated.

I was just looking for some helpful replies as to when people would usually plan to ship along this route, such as the one from AAgrawal. Thanks

Matt - a few t hings

  1. He told you to wait a week longer than you planned. That’s not a significant amount of time. Yay, you got someone to give you a date, but there’s zero guarantee it will be better than what you planned on or even safe at all.

  2. I was behing helpful. If you care about your wine you’ll wait until the temps stabilize at a lower temp, call the store and ship.

  3. I can’t see why you need to know what the temps will be 3 weeks ahead of time unless you’re traveling or need to plan for some reason which you didn’t note originally.

Look, we get this over and over and fricking over. “When is it safe to shippppp???” And it’s frustrating because it often feels like people want others to think for them or to predict the future instead of doing some basic work.

The best answer is to ship when the temps are low enough (though not freezing). It’s obvious that this will usually be roughly November to March, but for the love of god, we have several sites that you can go to and see what the temps actually are. When someone won’t bother to do that and then whines at me when it’s pointed out that the best thing is to check actual temps… well…

Wow Rick

Listen, all I did was ask a simple question, in hopes others would share their experiences shipping along this route and the time frame they normally do it. I had no idea my question crossed the line, and would get your panties in a bunch. Next time I will refrain from opening my mouth. I did not ask when it was safe to ship. I have spend a lot more time than “2 minutes” researching historical weather data and upon review came to the conclusion that the end of October would be acceptable, and just wanted some opinions. I have yet to “whine” at you, nor did I ever intend to hold you responsible if something went wrong. I’m not sure how you predicted I would do that based on what little data I posted. Nor did I have any idea I needed to present every detail in order to not get a snarky response. If I had shared all the details about why I need to arrange shipping ahead of time, would that have really changed anything?

In my experience with others who share this hobby, the people who share this passion are usually the most generous and helpful when it comes to sharing information and experience around this habit. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case with you


If you’re shipping ground from coast to coast it’s 5 full business days. What Patrick stated is the best scenario. Shipping mid week from coast to coast will keep the wine moving and doesn’t get held up in a warehouse over the weekend if shipped Monday/Tuesday.
If shipping UPS they travel by train most of the time, don’t know about FedEx. After watching the weather channel daily and checking weather related sites, it looks like most of the middle of the country is on the warm side for the next week according to weather reports. We’re shipping but not much ground unless it’s less than 5 days so there is not a weekend involved, which ends up being 7 days for delivery.
I’m not sure if there is any weather site that is perfect, I check them and recheck them, then I’ll ask a customer what it’s like in their area and it may be totally different than what’s being reported. My best suggestion would be wait until end of Oct. The links for the site posted above are about the best you’re going to get. has a maps section with extended forecasts:

You can click on Day 1, Day 2, etc to get a map showing daily high temps all accross the US for the next ten days.

Thanks Carrie. From the FedEx quotes I’ve gotten, it appears travel time from Chicago is 4 business days via ground. Would you still advise to ship mid week? I would think shipping on Monday would be the best case scenario

Big generalities… They are never all true the same year.

NE - mid October
Midwest - late October
Mid Atlantic - beginning of Nov
Deep South and TX - maybe mid Nov but often better to wait until after Thanksgiving

Good website to check weather along route:

For 4 day delivery I would definitely have it shipped on a Monday for Friday delivery. I was under the impression it was from east coast. Sorry

Even with some of the unpleasantness that arose, I have found this thread helpful and some of the links to be very good bookmarks for future use. Thanks all. Now no one has any excuses for fried juice!


Time-wise, I’ve found Monday shipments from Chicago are reliably delivered in the SF Bay are before the weekend. Seattle is probably the same. Maybe somebody there can confirm. Shipments from New York, New Jersey, etc. are the tricky ones that should ship on Wed or Thur.

Temperature-wise, I check the forecast highs for Tues, Wed, Thurs in Des Moines, Lincoln, Cheyenne, and Salt Lake City. If they’re no higher than the low 70’s, I’m comfortable and instruct the retailer to shipment. If the forecast is also cloudy and rainy, I’m delighted.

Let my case of cooked barbaresco serve as a warning to all. It was only coming from Portland, OR during a historically cool part of the year on the west coast so I requested immediate shipment without checking the current forecast. If I had checked, I would have seen the freakish heat wave with highs in the low to mid 90’s that hit my wine in transit. Of course, the day after delivery temperatures dropped into the high-60s. [head-bang.gif]

FWIW, I’m shipping wine from the west coast to Colorado this week. Lots of 60 degree weather and overcast skies rolling across the country right now.