Shipping Problem: Keep or return?

From the ‘not sure what to do’ file:

Earlier this summer I bought online 4 bottles of the 2011 Cappellano Pie Rupestris from a well known NYC retailer. In the store’s “Special Instructions” box I wrote “Please hold for shipping in cool weather.” They shipped to my NJ wine storage facility - with no notification to me - on Monday Aug. 20. The wine was picked up ‘at the end of the day’ and delivered the next day.

A few days later I received notification from my storage place that the wine had arrived on the 21st. I asked them to inspect the bottles and they found no evidence of problems. They also note that they inspect wine upon arrival and there were no obvious problems then.

I complained to the retailer and they admitted their mistake, noting my clear instructions. The manager offered to take the wines back, paying for shipping.

The wine is probably fine. Aug 20/21 was warm but not very hot. The wine was delivered over night. The soonest I could open a bottle to test is at least a couple months away.

What would you do in this circumstance?

I would keep them. NYC to NJ, delivered within a day, weather not too hot, and no obvious signs of heat damage. All those point toward almost certainly OK. Plus, they won’t be easily replaceable.

Hi temp was 74 on 20th, 76 on 21st. Hard to believe that would be damage

Overnight shipping you should be fine- I would keep them. Back when it was legal, I often took overnight shipments into Texas as long as the weather was below 80 and have never had trouble- bottles always cool to the touch.

No problemo

Is there a chance the nj offsite picked it up directly from the store as part of a weekly pick up?

The wines really should be fine, but . . .

If this is something you are truly concerned with, and the store has admitted their mistake, it may make you feel better to take them up on their offer. It was honorable for them to offer, and again, to ease your concerns, it may be best to swap the wines.