Shipping Disclosure - Who is responsible?

From a recent email from a retailer -
“All products purchased are for your personal use only. We make no representation to the legal rights of anyone to ship or import any wines into any state. The buyer is solely responsible for shipment of wines. Upon placing an order, you authorize us to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver your order to you. Alcoholic beverages may be sold and delivered only to persons who are at least 21 years of age. In placing your order, you represent to us that you are of legal age and the person to whom delivery will be made is at least 21 years old. When your wine is delivered, signature and ID will be required. All orders are subject to supplier availability.”

Several suppliers (wineries and retailers) ship without adult signature requirement(not under alcohol rues). Legally who is violation existing shipping regulations? And if the shipment is intercepted as a improper shipment who bears the financial responsibility?

It’s clear they aren’t getting the necessary licenses to ship to the States, so responsibility will be yours if it goes south.

They would likely get in trouble as well but you won’t likely get any money back if the deal goes bad.

These retailers and wineries do not tell you their shipping method up front. Package arrives without an adult sig req.

This is definitely what’s going on.

I would guess in many places the shippers may want to see proof of a direct sale license otherwise the shipper may be liable. Back while it was still a felony UPS was regularly intercepting wines in Hagerstown, MD destined for WV and destroying them because they had no license to move wine in Maryland.

It depends partly on what state to what state - I’m assuming these aren’t international.

But more important is the question of who has jurisdiction over whom and who is more easily dealt with. If you live in State A and someone from State B ships to you, that person may or may not be violating a law of his state and of your state. But if his state doesn’t care to prosecute him, and your state doesn’t want to go through the process of bringing charges against a citizen of another state, and you have knowingly received wine that you are not authorized to receive, and you’re sitting in the state that has a problem with that, and you’re caught, in practical terms, who cares whether the other party did something wrong or not.

Since there is no fair trade agreement between the Ununited States, there are write arounds for some wineries and retailers to do business on line. Example: The winery/retailer claims that you accept the property in their state and with your permission, will use a licensed shipper to transport YOUR property to you. You should have been charged the standard tax for the state the winery/retailer is located in.

Another example: I am a retailer and licensed alcoholic beverage shipper. I can legally ship to 12 states, 13 until June. I can ship firearms, ammunition, knives, limited explosives or their precursors to all but a couple states. I can legally ship alcoholic beverages to at least 80 countries, some of which require I pay duties and/or taxes.